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Kitchen Cabinet Design



The typical kitchen is defined by kitchen cabinet, the configuration of the kitchen cabinets design creates the workstation and determines the traffic flow of the kitchen, the features of the kitchen cabinets design introduce functionality and storage, and the styles of the kitchen design sets the view and tone for the entire kitchen.  Effective kitchen cabinet design is also important if you want to get the most storage use possible out of your available storage space, and this should also be the goal in the design of any kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet Design, kitchen cabinet with L-Shape Layout and Kitchen Island. A modern kitchen cabinet design.
Kitchen Cabinet Design


We use our kitchen every day, a durable, attractive kitchen cabinet should be our top priority. In kitchen cabinets design, we can consider varied sizes and shapes of kitchen cabinets design, such as wall cabinets, which are those attached to upper portion of the wall, base cabinets, which rest on the floor and rise to about waist level, and tall cabinets, which run from floor up to 1.52 m (5 feet) and above.


The Layout of Our Kitchen Cabinet Design

The layout of our kitchen—where we place our kitchen appliances, our countertops, and your storage (kitchen cabinets), all these will determine how cook-friendly our kitchen is. Common kitchen design layout plans include the one-wall kitchen, the corridor or galley kitchen, the L or double L kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen and the G-shaped kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet Design - Door of the kitchen cabinet (Kitchen Cabinets Door)

Second things we need to consider in our kitchen cabinets design  is the doors of the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinet doors can add to the beauty of your kitchen. The appearance of our kitchen cabinets design rests on the quality of our kitchen cabinets. We can therefore completely change the look of our kitchen simply by changing the doors of our kitchen cabinet. The doors for kitchen cabinets come in three styles, slab, recessed panel or raised panel and along with this there are many cabinet design styles to choose from also. Besides door type, we’ll want to consider different door shapes and styles. One kitchen cabinet manufacturer may offer hundreds of door styles in an endless array of finishes.  Search for shapes and materials that contribute to, rather than detract from, our overall style preference. If our kitchen has a minimal stainless steel look, consider a slab door. If ornate details cover our kitchen, take a look at a raised cathedral panel to complement this style. The design of kitchen cabinets’ doors provide our kitchen cabinet design a huge degree of visual impact.

Kitchen Cabinet Design -  Wood Types

Kitchen cabinets can be made from dozens of woods including Oak, Maple, Pine, Cherry, Hickory, Poplar, Alder and Birch. Hickory and Oak are the hardest and the heaviest. Cherry, Birch and Maple are considered to be well suited to cabinetry. Less expensive and more plentiful woods such as Alder and Poplar work best with glazed finishes used in creating an ‘antique’ look. Pine is a soft wood that can be more prone to dents and scratches. Pine is not well suited for extremely heavy-duty use, is great for creating country looks. Red and white oak are still two of the most popular woods used in moderate-priced kitchen cabinets. Also in demand but more costly are cherry and maple. Wood types are important factors we need consider seriously in our kitchen design project.

kitchen cabinet design
Kitchen Cabinet Design


Kitchen Cabinets Design - Decorative Pulls and Knobs

Consider all the use the knobs and pulls on out kitchen cabinet doors in Kitchen Cabinet Design. Most styles of doors require decorative pulls or knobs. Knobs and pulls protect the wood and finish of the cabinets. Also knobs for kitchen cabinets can provide a beautiful finish for our cabinets and they are available to many shapes, sizes, and styles including brushed chrome, plastic, ceramic, glass and iron. Decorative pulls and knobs are made of many kinds of material including;

  1. Metals such as brass, bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel in contemporary brushed or satin finished or rustic weathered looks.
  2. Resin and solid surfacing that project vivid solids or look alike granite patterns.
  3. Ceramic units that express whimsical shapes decorated with hand-painted motifs.
  4. Warm wood stained or painted to contrast or complement the cabinet door styles.
  5. Glass and crystal in clear or coloured designs, which add a rich smooth touch.