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Plan A Kitchen - Schedule of a Kitchen Renovation / Remodeling

Plan a Kitchen Phase One: Planning & Budgeting of Kitchen Renovation

Plan a kitchen - kitchen renovation.
Plan A Kitchen - Kitchen Renovation


According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (in USA), the average kitchen renovation  costs / budgets from USD 15,000 to USD 26,000, including design, products, and installation, although some kitchen renovation can come in for much cheaper, and of course, others can run higher. You can shave off  your kitchen renovation budget by doing much of the work yourself, but remember that some works such as electrical and plumbing are best left to professional.   



Plan a Kitchen Phase Two: Design

Creating the perfect kitchen layout can be simple or incredibly complex. You might spent in just a weekend for this phase, you can take your own measurements of your kitchen space and having your local kitchen design store come up with few options, or you might look for a kitchen designer or interior designer to come in, assess your kitchen space, and return to you several weeks later with a few different kitchen layout plans. Whichever alternative you use, you need to be sure you have properly identified all your needs such as numbers of workstations, priorities for kitchen appliances before you finalize your design.

Plan a Kitchen Phase Three: Shopping

Finding the perfect fixtures, from the six-burner cooktop right down to the knobs on the bread drawer can be fun and frustrating experience. But it is imperative that you do a good deal for your shopping long before you hire anyone to start working on your kitchen renovation.

Plan a Kitchen Phase Four: Demolition

This is a project that most homeowners can take on a weekend. Find out about sanitation regulation in your area, you may have to hire a private carting service to remove the debris and your old kitchen appliances may have to be recycled.

Plan a Kitchen Phase Five: Electrical, Plumbing, Walls and Flooring Work

Make sure the contractors you hire is licensed and stands his work, and check all references, ask not only about the quality of the work but the timeliness with which it was completed.

Plan a Kitchen Phase Six: Wall and Foundation

It can not start until after the electrical and plumbing work is finished, and it takes several days to be completed.

Plan a Kitchen Phase Seven: Flooring

A floating wood or laminate floor can go down in a day, a tile floor will take several days. Be sure to determine how long you will need to stay off the floor after it is put down.

Plan a Kitchen Phase Eight: Kitchen Cabinet Installation and Other Carpentry

Install all the kitchen cabinets as per your layout and kitchen plan. You should be able to get the kitchen cabinets installed in a day or two.

Plan a Kitchen Phase Nine: Paint/Wallpaper/Finishwork

Depending on the extend of the work, this can take anywhere from a day to a few days if you are having custom molding installed.

Plan a Kitchen Phase Ten: Kitchen Appliance Installation 

Install all the kitchen appliances you needs as per early planning.